March 31, 2011

Panduan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Bagi Ibu Bekerjaya

Panduan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Bagi Ibu Bekerjaya


Buku ini diterbitkan oleh Kumpulan Sokongan Penyusuan Susu Ibu WPKL khusus buat ibu-ibu bekerjaya yang ingin meneruskan penyusuan susu ibu secara eksklusif. Kandungannya sangat sesuai untuk para ibu yang ingin mendapatkan maklumat lanjut berkenaan penyusuan susu ibu.

Antara topik kandungan buku ini:

Pilihan-pilihan bagi Ibu bekerjaya

Penyusuan Susu Ibu

Perancangan Awal Ibu Bekerja

Latihan Memerah

Memerah Susu dengan Tangan

Memerah Susu dengan Pam

Panduan Am Cara Menyimpan Susu Perahan

Cara Menyimpan Susu Perahan

Mencairkan Perahan Susu Ibu Yang Dibekukan

Cara Memberi Perahan Susu Ibu

Tips Kejayaan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Bekerjaya

Cara Mudah Memantau Tumbesaran Bayi

Carta Pertumbuhan WHO (2006)

Sumber Makanan Berkhasiat yang Boleh Merangsang Penghasilan Susu

Buku ini dilengkapi dengan pelbagai lampiran yang boleh dijadikan rujukan khusus untuk ibu bekerjaya yang menyusu.

Di bahagian akhir buku ini juga (Lampiran 7) terdapat senarai maklumat kaunselor kaunselor laktasi untuk bantuan dalam penyusuan (contact details of lactation counsellors)

March 12, 2011

Stok Baru Sampai

Stok baru sampai..10 March 2011

March 6, 2011

Milk Storage and spare part

Bumble Bee Breast Milk Bottle (5oz)

Price RM 30.00 @ 10 bottle postage RM 8
Price RM 60.00@  20 bottle postage RM 8

Bumble Bee Breast Milk Bottle (5oz) is 100% BPA Free Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP), approved by U.S. FDA.

Researches have shown that PP is the BEST &amp SAFEST plastic for breast milk storage in retaining breastmilk’s beneficial properties.
Compatible with major brands breast pumps.
The bottles universal thread size allows the bottles to be screwed directly to most breast pumps & express milk directly into storage bottles.

Save time by pumping directly into the bottles and save money by not buying separate storage bags.
For storage, simply insert a sealing disc to store your precious breastmilk in the fridge or freezer.

Set includes:
* 10 x 5oz PP Breastmilk Storage Bottles
* 10 screw rings
* 10 sealing discs

Mom's Precious - Reusable Ice Pack (3-Pack) *New & Improved*


NEW & IMPROVED quality!!

Mom's Precious Reusable Ice Packs are specially designed to keep your precious breast milk chilled at an ideal temperature for longer periods! It has been tested to keep your precious milk chilled longer than 16 hours at the same temperature as a refrigerator! This product was designed and endorsed by Lactation Consultants & trusted by nursing moms! 

This precious lil’ helper is unlike any other standard ice packs. It has been designed and tested to suit the purpose of breast milk storage. 

  • Non Toxic, Safe, Reusable
  • Leak Proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable

Keeps breast milk & temperature sensitive items chilled for more than 16 hours! 
Ideal for use in cooler boxes, bags, carriers and more! 
FREE POUCH for each gel pack!! (use it as a cover to absorb sweat from the gel packs)


Place ice pack horizontally in freezer for a minimum of 8 hours prior to use. 

Place on top or on the side of items to be cooled 

If you are using the gel pack pouch, please remove it before placing the gel pack in the freezer. Air-dry it for next use. 


Do not place in microwave or heat in any way. This item is for cooling purposes only. Not intended for therapeutic use. 


Best used with our range of "Mom's Precious" Breast milk Storage Solutions – Storage Containers, Cooler Bags etc for optimum results

Milk Bottle/ Storage 5 oz

Moms Precious Breastmilk Storage - 5 oz
6 bottle RM33.00
12 bottle RM60.00

Milk Bottle/ Storage 2 oz
Moms Precious Breastmilk Storage - 2 oz
·         10 (2 oz) bottles,
·         2 cup feeders
Designed by Lactation Consultants suited to the special needs of Nurturing Mothers!
·         Ideal for colostrum collection - “Mom's Precious Drops”
·         Appropriately sized to store mother's milk during the early days
·         Helps to motivate the mother as her supply increases according to the baby's needs
·         Hand express into it OR attach directly to any breastpump
·         Requires less storage space in refrigerator or freezer
·         Ideal size & quantity for baby feeds - minimises waste
·         Feed direct from the container or use the cup feeder which doubles up as a bottle cap!
·         Easy identification – record the mother's name, date & collection time
·         Made of Food-grade polypropylene - does not bind or hold milk fat during storage
·         Non-toxic - does not contain Bisphenol A, PVC or Phthalates
Mom's Precious Breastmilk Storage Solutions simplifies the collection, storage & feeding of expressed breastmilk. Eliminates the need to transfer precious breast milk between containers – lowers the risk of contamination.
Medela PureLan 100
7 g  @  RM25.00
37 g @ RM 55.00
PureLan 100
This is wonderful stuff – just a tiny amount can bring soothing relief from:

Tender, sore or reddened nipples
Cracked, raw nipples (with/without bleeding but free from infection)
Nappy rash
Cracked or dry skin (babies, toddlers and adults)
Soothes sensitive or dry nipples, dry baby skin and dry skin.

• 100 % ultra-pure natural lanolin
• Helps replenish the natural oils depleted by frequent sucking
• No need to remove before breastfeeding
• Available in two sizes (7g and 37g)

Recommendations for use:

Tender, reddened nipples – smooth a very thin layer (0.5mm) over the reddened area to soothe the skin and maintain moisture levels

Sore, red (not cracked) nipples – smooth a thin layer (1.0mm) over the sore area to prevent drying and maintain skin elasticity

Cracked, raw nipples (with or without bleeding but free from infection) – apply a layer (2.0mm) to cracked parts of the nipple to ensure a moist environment where new tissue can form and resurface the nipple

If you're having serious discomfort while breastfeeding, please consult your midwife, or lactation consultant – sore, cracked nipples are often eliminated by a change of breastfeeding ‘technique’ or position

Why we like it

Because this is 100% ultra-pure natural lanolin (no additives or preservatives) you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding and there’s less chance of any allergic reaction

Earth Mama - Natural Nipple Butter (60ml) RM59.00

Care for yourself......naturally with Earth Mama Angel Baby products, which are made with the highest quality, certified organic or organically grown herbs and all-natural ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, fragrances or dyes.

This luscious plant-based balm for nursing mamas helps moisturize and protect your nipples from becoming sore and cracked.


Certified organic comfrey leaf, parsley, cabbage leaves, marshmallow root, black tea.

Angel Baby - Bottom Balm (2oz)RM49.90

Angel Baby Bottom Balm is our best selling salve to safely heal just about anything!

You will buy it to use on baby diaper area (both heals existing diaper rash and protects against flare ups), soothe cradle cap and all those bangs and scrapes. Learning to walk is hard business.

You will keep buying it for bug bites, chicken pox, minor rashes, burns and, yes, more scrapes.

You will keep Angel Baby Bottom Balm on hand for years for everything from that ill-fated belly button ring to razor rashes because it also works on almost any other boo-boo. Yes, it is vegan(no beeswax!). We are the only balm made with organic olive oil infused with wound-healing organic herbs such as organic calendula, chickweed, plantain and St. John's wort, with skin healing shea butter and fungus-fighting pure essential oils.

Use it to help ease life's little boo-boos for the whole family - naturally.


Organically grown calendula, comfrey, chickweed, plantain and self heal in certified organic olive oil, tocopherol, shea butter, rosemary extract, with pure essential oils melaleuca alternifolia, lavendula officinalis, commiphora myrrha.

March 1, 2011

Harga Runtuh Cloth DIapers 2011

Perminat Cloth Diapers  Harga Runtuh!!

Sale akan dibuat..bermula 4hb march hingga 6 hb march  2011
Harga betul betul runtuh..Jangan lepaskan perluang keemasan...

 bole booking pada comment jika berminat Terima kaseh
Pembelian lebih dari RM 100 free postage

     Harga Runtuh !!!! Rm 30

2) Wuddah bamboo Plain (Rm 50)
     Harga runtuh!!  Rm 35

3) Wuddah bamboo printed (Rm 78)
     Harga Runtuh Rm 50

4) Lunatots aio version lama button ( Rm 47)
     Harga Runtuh Rm 30

5) lunatots aio version lama velcro
     Harga Runtuh Rm 35

6) Sunbaby 2 insert RM 35
    Harga runtuh Rm 30

7) GFH Rm 38
     Harga Runtuh Rm 35

8) Dyana MP XL Rm 38
     Harga Runtuh Rm 35

9) Cozy baby 2 insert RM 35
     Harga Runtuh Rm 30

10 ) bamboolite
CM Truefit Bamboo fitted (Yellow) RM 80
Harga Runtuh Rm 70

CM Truefit PUL Extra  (Purple) RM 66
Harga Runtuh Rm 55

CM Truefit PUL Lite (Red) RM 54
Harga Runtuh Rm 45

Kutu freestyle Batch 2

Assalamualaikum Semua Ibu2 KIM...
Program Kutu Medela Freestyle  Batch 2 (April-Jan) kini dibuka
1.     10 orang di perlukan dalam satu kumpulan.
2.     Pembayaran pertama ialah mulai 27-Mac-2011
3.     Bayaran bulan Pertama: RM150 sahaja
5.      Bayaran bulanan seterusnya :RM150 (9 bulan berturut- turut)
6.      Semua ahli kutu hendaklah membuat pembayaran sebelum atau pada 28hb setiap bulan
7.      Barangan tersebut akan diterima 1 minggu selepas bayaran diterima setiap bulan.

APRIL 2011   : Rosailin paid sent
 MAY 2011    : Suhana Binti Sajari april,mei,Jun JUN 2011      : Hida Mat Rani (Ibu aisyah Aqief)april, mei,Jun,july

 JULAI 2011  :  Farihah Binti DIN (Farha Damia) april ,mei+ 50,Paid Sent
Ogos 2011    : Noorhasline binti mohd sholeh april,mei,Jun,july
September   : Jamilah awang (Amy ismail) april,mei,jun,july
Oktober        : Nurul hidayah april, Mei
November     : Azah melaka april
Disember      :  nurul Safawati April,Mei,july
Januari         : Noru azlina Paid sent

Kaedah pembayaran adalah melalui:
1)      Bank Transfer
2)      Maybank 2U
Anda bole membuat pembayaran di dalam no akaun berikut :
maybank 154110014116..Ruziah Amin
 Sila hubungi saya Ruziah ditalian 019-2649362 @ emel ke untuk tempahan....
 Hubungi kami dan daftarlah tempat anda sekarang selagi masih ada
 Untuk makluman, harga barangan adalah sama seperti yang dijual secara tunai RM 1500 Free postage and 8 bottle bumble bee
Terima KAseh