ANAKIBUSHOP is owned by Nor Azura dan Ruziah Amin a registered online business under SSM MALAYSIA. A home-based business. All items in ANAKIBUSHOP are ready stock

Our dream is to create a healthy lifestyle for ALL  mommy and promote a healthy environment for the new mommy to fully breastfeed the new born. Our mainstay products are  Breastpumps and Breastfeeding Gadgets (autumz cooler bag, ice pack, and storage ziplock autumz)
Breastfeeding Gadgets is a MUST for ALL mothers out there..(including CHEAP breastpump! to market price)
Mother and future mother–> always need knowledge and motivation from others in order to be a super duper mom.  Mommies that has baby less than 2 years old really need support to fully breastfeed the baby until 2 years old. Here we would like to share some experience, knowledge and gadgets that are needed during breastfeeding years..ALL DA BEST!
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~Segala yang terbaik buat si manja kesayangan KITA~

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