May 4, 2011

Medela spare parts and kits

Medela Freestyle sparekits ( 2 pcs)
Price :Rm 83,Poslaju Rm 8..

Medela Freestyle tubing
Price :Rm65/pcs,poslaju RM8..

Medela extra valves

1 valve Price: Rm 15.00 Poslaju Rm 6..
2 valves Price Rm 30  Poslaju Rm 6..

Medela Membranes
Price: Rm 14.00 2pcs perpack,Poslaju Rm 6..

Medela - Valve head and Membrane
RM 25
A pack of 1 valve head and 1 membrane suitable for all Medela Breastpumps

Medela - Valves and Membranes Set
RM 65

Valve heads and membranes for all Medela breastpumps.
Contains 2 pieces of Valve Head (worth RM15 each) and 6 pieces of Valve Membranes (worth RM7 each). Total value: RM72, save RM7

Medela - Milk Collection Shells
RM 65

Collect leaking milk and protect clothing. 
The contoured shape and soft back ensure invisible and comfortable wear. 
Practical spout for the trouble-free emptying of collected milk into baby's bottles.
Come in 2 pieces per box.

Medela - Nipple Formers
RM 65
A non-invasive method to prepare flat or inverted nipples for breastfeeding.
  • Soft silicone backs for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Vented fronts to allow air circulation
  • Contoured for less visibility through clothing
Come in 2 pieces per box.

Medela - Contact Nipple Shields (with CoverBox)
Size M
RM 65
For temporary use when breastfeeding with sore, cracked, flat or inverted nipples.
  • Special contour allows maximum skin contact between mother and baby
  • Made of ultra thin, soft silicone. Odorless and tasteless
  • Convenient box for hygienic storage and transport

Medela PureLan 100
7 g  @  RM25.00
37 g @ RM 55.00
PureLan 100
This is wonderful stuff – just a tiny amount can bring soothing relief from:

Tender, sore or reddened nipples
Cracked, raw nipples (with/without bleeding but free from infection)
Nappy rash
Cracked or dry skin (babies, toddlers and adults)
Soothes sensitive or dry nipples, dry baby skin and dry skin.

• 100 % ultra-pure natural lanolin
• Helps replenish the natural oils depleted by frequent sucking
• No need to remove before breastfeeding
• Available in two sizes (7g and 37g)

Recommendations for use:

Tender, reddened nipples – smooth a very thin layer (0.5mm) over the reddened area to soothe the skin and maintain moisture levels

Sore, red (not cracked) nipples – smooth a thin layer (1.0mm) over the sore area to prevent drying and maintain skin elasticity

Cracked, raw nipples (with or without bleeding but free from infection) – apply a layer (2.0mm) to cracked parts of the nipple to ensure a moist environment where new tissue can form and resurface the nipple

If you're having serious discomfort while breastfeeding, please consult your midwife, or lactation consultant – sore, cracked nipples are often eliminated by a change of breastfeeding ‘technique’ or position

Why we like it

Because this is 100% ultra-pure natural lanolin (no additives or preservatives) you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding and there’s less chance of any allergic reaction