April 22, 2011

Pumpin' Pal - Original Hands-Free Strap

Pumpin' Pal's Original Hands-Free Strap
RM 70

Pumpin' Pal's Original Hands-Free Strap allows mom to relax her arms while breast pumping or even do small tasks like read a book, talk on the phone, or work on a computer. Designed like a trapeze, it's perfect for mom returning to work. She can pump easily and therefore continue her nursing and pumping routine.


* Allows for complete Hands-Free Breast Pumping while pumping at home or at work.
* Fits all leading brands of breast pumps including Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Avent etc.
* Works with electric, battery operated single and double breast pumps
* Adjusts to any body shape and size.
* Very comfortable
* Easy to use
* Light and compact
* Does not require the removal of shirt or bra.
* Ready to use in just seconds.
* Made with durable materials.
* Promotes continued pumping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Your satisfaction is paramount to our success. Makes a great gift for expecting mothers and mothers already pumping.
Hands-free breast pumping need not involve a cumbersome bra or wrap around fabric. The Original from Pumpin' Pal is a simple and easy-to-use strap that fits around your neck without removing your bra or shirt. Adjust the length and width one time for your individual body, and it will be ready time and time again in an instant without any further adjustment. Just put it over your head and attach the flanges for a hands-free breast pumping session while you type, read, watch TV, or just close your eyes and relax.

Click on the link below (or copy the link to paste on your internet browser) on how to use the original Hands-Free Breast Pumping.


Click on the link below (or copy the link to paste on your internet browser) to watch the instructional video to see how simple hands-free breast pumping can be!


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