October 15, 2011

Autumnz- Washable Breastpads

Autumnz- Washable Breastpads *6 pcs *

RM 15

Designed by mothers, for mothers.......
NEW!! - CONTOURED cup that follows the shape of your breast for beautiful fitting and optimum comfort

•Contoured cup for beautiful and optimum fitting
•Absorb any leaking milk and prevent wet spots

•Soft and gentle on skin

•Absorbent and breathable cotton for good airflow

•Anti-slip lace side to minimize movement of breast pad under a bra

•Perfect fit for all bra sizes

•Easy care, washable and dryable

•Economical and environmentally friendly

Made up of 4 layers:

•Layer 1 - Lace outer layer (side facing brassierie)

•Layer 2 - Soft, absorbent cotton layer

•Layer 3 - High absorbency synthetic layer

•Layer 4 - Soft, absorbent cotton layer

Washing Instructions

•Use mild detergent to wash

•Do not use bleach or fabric softener


•Wash breast pads before first use

•Change breast pads frequently for hygiene purpose

•6 pcs of washable breastpads 

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